Super Sprint Triathlon


200M SWIM // 15KM BIKE  // 3KM RUN


EVENT PROFILE: Super Sprint Triathlon


We are excited to announce that new for 2022 the Super Sprint Triathlon will be open for entries on 01.01.2022!

One small change, and that is to the Ladies Only event. While we understand the reasons behind its inception, we feel that the days of having single gendered events are behind us and so we will be opening up Super Sprint Saturday to everyone.
The Super Sprint distance is ideal for people new to the sport or those who want to push it even harder over the shorter distance


Huish Episcopi Leisure Centre
Wincanton Road
Somerset TA10 9SS.

Tel: 01460 298338

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See below for cycle and run routes

Cycle Route

Run Route


Huish Episcopi Leisure Centre
Wincanton Road
Somerset TA10 9SS.

Tel: 01460 298338

Location Map

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The Langport Triathlon Weekend is sanctioned by the British Triathlon Federation and follow the rules and regulations set by the British Triathlon Federation. Both events are organised and run by RaceNation Events Ltd but the BTF referee shall have the final authority in deciding the outcome of any dispute concerning the race results.

GETTING HERE: (Sat Nav- TA10 9SS) 
The Leisure Centre is situated on the A372 at Huish Episcopi Academy. It can be easily reached from the M5 (Junction 25) via Langport, or from the A303 Podimore roundabout via the A372. If you get lost please call the Leisure Centre on 01458 251055.

Follow signage and marshals directions to the on-site car park.
Registration opens at 12.30 – Entrance through Exercise Studio Fire Exit. This entrance to registration is next to the grass car park, follow signage marked registration.

Remember your Photo ID and, if applicable, your BTF Licence. 

After parking, register at the Leisure Centre. You should allow at least one hour before your start time to ensure you have enough time to get ready.

Your left arm and left leg will be numbered with a marker pen and if you are a BTF member, you will be asked to show your BTF licence. All persons unable to produce a current race licence at registration shall be required to pay £4, which is non-refundable.

At registration you will receive an envelope containing:
– Two (2) Race Numbers
– Chip Timing Strap.

Pin (unless using a race belt) one number to the lower back of your cycling top and the other to the front of your running top.  The long sticky label needs to be stuck around your SEAT POST and the other to your HELMET. The Chip Timing Strap needs to be placed on your LEFT ANKLE.

Please note No Chip, No Time and the cost of Chip Replacement is £10.

Once you have your numbers, you can enter the transition area to rack your bike and set out your kit. You need to wear your helmet when you enter transition as your helmet will be checked for “fit” and damage. Bike racking will be numbered to correspond with your race number.  You must have a race number to be allowed into the transition area.  Marshals will check to ensure that there is no unauthorised entry. Please be aware of other competitors racing and do not obstruct their route. Clear boxes are NOT ALLOWED in transition. Below is an extract taken from the 2016 BTF rules.

  1. TRANSITION AREA CONDUCT: 7.1 General Rules:

 c.) Competitors should only bring into transition what is required. Boxes may be provided by the Event Organiser, any other boxes used to bring equipment into transition should be removed. A small soft-sided bag such as a rucksack may be used and remain in transition, though it must not impede the progress of another competitor.
(i) Competitors must place within 0.5m of their racking position in transition, or within the width of the bike handlebars, all equipment to be used at a later stage in the event.
(ii) All equipment already used must be deposited in that area.
(iii) Only equipment to be used during the competition can be left in transition.
(iv) All other belongings and equipment outside the above rules are to be removed before race start;

Please note that under no circumstances will non-competitors be allowed into the transition area.

Refreshments are available on site, supplied by The Levels Scouts. These include tea, coffee, soft drinks, snacks and cakes.

SWIM – 200m
– You can change into your swimwear in the changing rooms adjacent to the pool
– Be ready on poolside 15 minutes before your start time (you may be called early)
– Swim in the direction instructed by the lane team
– Your swim hat will be issued to you on poolside
– You will be asked to enter the water and counted down when to start, please follow the starters instructions
– No backstroke or butterfly
– If you need to overtake a slower swimmer please tap them on the ankle to alert them
– If you are tapped on the ankle please wait at the end of your length to let the swimmer overtake
– Remove your hat after the swim and place on the floor
– Exit pool and head towards transition over the grass area.
– Take care if you tumble turn in the shallow end—the hand rail is hard on ankles!

– Exit the pool area and follow the marshals directions to the transition area.
– Change into bike kit, put on and secure your cycle helmet YOUR HELMET MUST BE ON AND FASTENED BEFORE YOU TOUCH YOUR BIKE.
– Please ensure that your race number is attached to the lower back for your cycle top and that it is visible at all times (on race belts number must be visible from behind).
– Push your bike to the far end of the transition area. At the ‘Mount Line” at the exit of the transition area, mount and start to cycle.

BIKE – 15 KM
Before the event please familiarise yourself with the route (click the routes tab to view). It will be marshalled and signposted but you are responsible for navigating the route. If in doubt, stay on the route until you see a Marshal—there will be large separate arrows to guide you along the way. These are not attached to any highway signage.


– Follow the Highway Code at all times
– It is your responsibility to know the route
– Drafting is not permitted a minimum of 7m must be given to the bike in front. If you have been overtaken it is your responsibility to drop back.
– Your race number must be placed on your back
– MP3 players & phones are not permitted
– You cannot accept outside assistance
– Anyone caught littering will be disqualified
– You are the only person responsible for your safety. Marshals cannot and will not stop traffic for you.

All marshals are assistant referees. If they consider you to be riding dangerously they will report it to the overall race referee. There is only one sanction for dangerous riding disqualification.

If you cannot finish, please inform a marshal or race official. 

At the ‘Dismount Line” dismount before entering the transition area, rack bike at the same starting place, unfasten and take off your helmet, DO NOT TAKE OFF YOUR HELMET UNTIL YOUR BIKE IS RACKED, change and start running. Your race number must be attached to the front of your running top. Be aware of swimmers running into transition and also cars that may be waiting to leave.

Due to the run route taking place over private land it is not possible to complete the run course prior to event day. It will be well marshalled and sign posted (click the routes tab to view). There will be a water station at the start and at the turn around point on Wagg Drove.


– Note that the run goes through agricultural land; there may be geese or sheep in the fields
– Be alert to others – for much of the run there will be runners in both directions
– Beware of the uneven ground
– No MP3 players, phones or personal stereos to be used

Threatening, abusive or insulting words or conduct are not permitted and competitors will be disqualified for such behaviour. Numbers must not be tampered with and will be provided at registration. These must be worn unaltered and be both visible and readable at all times.

Competitors may only be penalised by readily identifiable race officials. Disqualification (DQ) or penalties may take place at any time to the announcement of the final result. All infringements are to be reported to the race referee, who will have responsibility of posting penalties – these will be displayed in the Sports Hall.

The security of the transition area will be in place until everything has been cleared from this area, therefore please remove your bike and kit as soon as possible after finishing.

If for any reason you do not manage to complete the triathlon, please let a marshal or other official know as soon as possible, so that we do not send out a search party.

NO SMOKING – Smoking is not allowed anywhere on site.
NO DOGS – Dogs are not allowed on the site and anyone with a dog will be asked to leave immediately. Except guide dogs

Should you need any assistance during the day, please contact either a race official or a member of the Leisure Centre Staff who will be only too happy to help.


Huish Episcopi Leisure Centre
Wincanton Road
Somerset TA10 9SS.

Tel: 01460 298338

Location Map

Spectator Info

Useful Information for spectators

Langport Triathlon weekend will always guarantee to bring a crowd. Often competitors will be competing in their first ever triathlon, raising money for various charities or simply trying to beat last years time! We welcome spectators to cheer on their friends and families through the gruelling distances. The site and layout makes it easy to watch them in transition and cheer them through to the finish line.

Parking is limited on site, especially on the Sunday, so we ask that spectators park off site and walk to the event. Pedestrian walk ways are made visible and if you do get slightly lost, our marshals are always happy to help.

When you walk onto site you are able to cheer alongside the transition area and at the finish line village, with or without your homemade signs….we’ve seen some great ones over the years. The finish line is always the best spot and this year we have added to the excitement with a finish line village. There will be refreshments, stalls, merchandise and music to add to the cheering, excitement and relief that you expect at the finish line. So bring your families, friends and signs to help cheer on the competitors as they complete their race! See you there!


Spectators are not allowed onto poolside

Dogs are not allowed on site, except guide dogs

Smoking is not allowed on site


Huish Episcopi Leisure Centre
Wincanton Road
Somerset TA10 9SS.

Tel: 01460 298338

Location Map


Langport Triathlon are grateful to everyone that has sponsored our events this year. Below you can find out more about all our sponsors.