Environmental Policy

RaceNation Events is committed to environmental awareness during our events and understands the responsibility to care for the environment and to protect the areas we use. We are fully committed to improving the way we impact the environment and expect all staff, volunteers, competitors and spectators to share this commitment. RaceNation Events have identified the key areas of event impact;

  • Event organisation
  • Event delivery
  • Energy use
  • Recycling
  • Minimising waste
  • Communication and distribution
  • Emissions
  • Procurement

Langport Triathlon will;

  • Prioritise environmental impact standards in all areas of organising the events including meetings and procurements
  • Annually review previous events and action areas of improvement
  • Investigate all areas of procurement including merchandise, competitor rewards and event requirements, wherever economically viable
  • Purchase sustainable products wherever economically viable
  • Minimise waste through careful use of event requirements including competitor requirements
  • Train all staff and volunteers to adopt good environmental practices Review Oct 19
  • Publicise environmental awareness to competitors and spectators during all events
  • Provide recycling waste bins for the disposal of waste during all aspects of event organising and operations
  • Implement strict penalties to competitors for any environmentally damaging actions such as littering; British Triathlon Competition Rules 3.2 c.) (v). This may lead to disqualification
  • Reflect on all decisions made throughout event organisation and operation and their environmental impact